We’re Kairos Directories, and we’re excited to partner with you. 

We have a unique perspective and a positive approach. You see, we feel a directory is a ministry tool, and the ministry should start with the photography itself. We provide timely, beautiful directories for churches, schools and other organizations, and a low-key, positive experience for members.

Here’s how we work:

We employ a partnership program. We offer:

  • One session for each family, which includes photography, immediate selection of images and retouching of images.
  • Time. No rush. We allocate a full half-hour for each family!
  • A generous percentage of  individual print purchases goes into a separate account for the organization, which funds the directories and any surplus funds belong to your organization!
  • Life of the Community Photography.  We can photograph the organization in action (for a church, perhaps a Sunday service?)
  • Directory layouts. You don’t have to figure out unknown software. You don’t have to create your own pages. We do it for you.

We partner with you to transform the directory process into a ministry that benefits both the organization and members (present & future!)

We provide:dir09

  • Elegant images with beautiful backdrops.
  • Archival-quality artwork and prints.
  • Personalized promotional materials.
  • Expedited production time.
  • Online directory and phone app options.

What do you provide? A place to photograph, a coordinator and a few phone volunteers. Really – that’s it. We make it EASY.

A pictorial directory can be an integral part of an organization’s mission and vision. Our program partners with you to assist in your outreach to members, the community, and the world. We are proud of our community focus and our high quality photography. We invite you to enjoy a fun experience and a beautiful directory.