Kairos is a new kind of diretory company. We're all about the art. Our partner photographers are local professionals, just ask about their studios! Every portrait is unique. Its so important to us to bring out the best in everyone.

When we create your directory, expect every family to receive their own 30 minute mini session. Just relax and have fun :D We'll take care of everything. Not only that, we'll schedule everything ahead of time so there's no waiting in line.

What's important to us is the opportunity to offer your family the sort of fine art portraits you'd be paying $500-$1000 to schedule with a photographer... before a print is even made! With every family in your church together in one place, our photographers can reduce prices by up to 80%, giving every family a chance to fill their walls with joy and wonder!


For Churches

Directories should be easy to create, and useful to your whole staff. Your people want easy access to a wide variety of groups, from choir to community outreach, and we make it easy to stay organized. Everyone we photograph looks at the information they'd like in the directory - you know it's current, in a format you can use. Ask about the app we're creating by popular request!


For Parishoners

Every family deserves fine-art portrait photography, but it can be hard to find the photographer who's right for you. That's why we set aside a 30-minute session for every family. No lines, no stress, lots of fun! Our ministry is to safeguard your family's legacy, and we take quality seriously. Even our economy offerings come on archival paper with pigments that last decades, and we're happy to provide digital images to anyone who asks :D

family photo
left photo
right photo

With all this attention to quality, most families enjoy keeping some art for their homes. We set aside enough of what families invest for you! Your directory prints are free, as is access to any of our online options. After the directory, anything left over is our gift to you. We've had our partner churches use their gift to send youth groups on outreach missions, helping to build homes after natural disasters. Others have used the opportunity to help feed the world. And some have had enough to invest in a new organ, choir stage, or works of art. Whatever your ministry, we're here to support your good work.